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The Annals, Annotated


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Oct 16-22, '05

(October, 2005)

I blog about the Lesbian-elevator-incident that took place in July. I flip through Paradise Lost and write about it. Narc calls me several times and leaves drunk messages. I get a great teaching evaluation. My stepbrother has his skull-replacement surgery and it's finally a sucess. Narc and I get in touch at last and spend half an hour on the phone, after Sunshine talks me through it a bit. Narc tells me the Exhibitionist is prostituting. We talk about the shirt I left at his house in August (and replaced). I call Narc drunk and wake him up. He tells me to come over. We have great sex, but I'm not feeling emotionally close to him or very into him. I just don't feel "in love."

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Oct 9-15, '05

(October, 2005)

I talk to Liu for a long time on the phone while at Cheers. I get drunk and send Narc a text telling him I miss him, even though it's apparent he's not talking to me now that he's back. I meet Candy at Cheers and she takes off her clothes at my place, asking me to join her in a threesome. I decide to give up alcohol. I meet a new guy at Cheers who lives on the third floor of my building. I have a painful procedure at the doctor and B takes care of me. NDN and I smoke up together and then get into our first fight ever. Narc sends me a text saying "Back." I record all of the bad names my readers have called Narc.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Oct 2-8, '05

(October, 2005)

I think about Narc and obsessively read the Exhibitionist's blog. A man compliments my singing on the bus. I stop by BigSis and Bro-in-Law's Manhattan apartment for the last time. I enjoy choir rehearsal and start speech therapy. B and I bond and eat dinner at La Caridad. NDN tries on my clothes, looking for a Halloween outfit. The man who works at Subway hits on me, and I bump into the Texan again at Cheers. I go to synagogue for the Holidays with NDN and Hammer. I decide to be Medusa for Halloween. I start to miss Narc more and more and to think about him all the time, as I know he's returned from Europe. NDN goes to Amsterdam and sends me some high-emails. I start to get sick. Hammer and Velma come over to watch Holocaust movies. I bump into Mohammed outside the deli and he tries to flirt with me again. I go to Anxious birthday party where I meet the Arch. I text Narc "hi." I go back to Arch's place with Hammer and we smoke up. I watch hours of The Surreal Life on VH1.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sep 25-Oct 1, '05

(October, 2005)

My mood turns dark and I write a post entitled "The Funeral Banquet." FightingMensch asks me if I'm still "with the guy who beats me up," and KHill tells me if he "had a million dollars he'd impregnate me." B and I ride the Beast and he lends me his CD player. We go to a steakhouse to celebrate JBC's birthday. My students prove to be disturbingly ignorant regarding religion. I get drunk at Manchester in the middle of my long work-day. Me, mom and LilSis take my stepbrother to an outdoor carnival at the hospital. I get existentially pensive and write about "smoking." Mr. Rochester turns 3 years old! I send an email to my 9th grade English teacher. I go to English's birthday party and reveal way too much about myself to BigSis' friends.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sept 18-24, '05

(September, 2005)

I lose my Georgian ring and then find it again. I start to clean my house and comfort Anxious after she bumps into Scotland. NDN and I go to FuBar where an old regular from Cheers recognizes me. IrishBird lends me money. I go for dinner with B and his parents. NDN and I meet LilSis, my mom and JBC at South Street Seaport. He joins me, as my date, at my cousin's Bar Mitzvah. Mr. Mystic and Flash "rename" me. NDN sends my mom dirty jokes. I go to wait for deliveries at BigSis and Bro-in-Law's new apartment. I bump into a college acquaintance on the street. I post a photo contest (which Dan wins). NDN and I have our palms read. I have a chatty cab driver who tells me to eat at the UN and the secret to cooking good lobsters at the Palm. I have a strange/romantic dream about Narc (in which JFig appears). Everyone plays a meme. A cab driver reads my palm and asks me out on a date. I go out with NDN and his friends for his birthday.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sept 11-17, '05

(September, 2005)

NDN and I smoke weed and have a "Russian Feast." B and I spend 9/11 together and watch the Agassi tennis match. I miss Narc. I get an email from Luis, the Army Guy I met in August. I meet Hammer at the library at Columbia and bump into B and his parents on college walk. I contemplate my life six months earlier. I meet B and his parents for dinner and flirt with the cops on the corner for the UN General Assembly meeting. I get a strange email from E-the-R. I post a recording of myself singing "Shenandoah."

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sept 4-10, '05

(September, 2005)

NDN and I go to the beach. I'm harassed by a student who never handed in her paper the previous semester. Narc leaves for Europe. I hang out at Cheers and meet a brother and sister. We go to Manchester and FuBar and I bring them back to my place. I hook up with the brother. I get upset that the doorman told the Super my business. I meet Hammer at Columbia. I get a haircut. Anxious sends me an annoying message about a birthday present BulgarianGuy is buying her.

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